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Join the Program & Discover Your Potential

Receive 1 Free
College or Career Counseling Session

Need help deciding what to do after high school?

Everyone needs a plan for life after high school. Whether it's college, trade school, the military, or a job. Let The Golden Key help you choose your next step.


Know what you want to do but need help with planning and resources?

Already have a plan for life after high school but are unsure of how to make it happen, or how to make the most of if. Or maybe you need additional help, like tutoring, mentors, or training. Let The Golden Key assist you.

Fill out the survey on the right, and a counselor will contact you for your free session. Absolutely no strings attached!

One 1-hour session per person. For high school students only. Currently limited to students in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Will need to show a valid state ID or high  school ID.

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